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goldyflux started her foray into the art world in 2016 as a result of a roommate who saw the potential in
her creative abilities. Starting with applying the beauty of color to old and thrown out items, she soon
found herself transforming an old piece of plywood into a magical expression of self. Being an intuitive
and deeply connected to the spirit of the soul, she followed an intuitive whisper asking her to apply
gentle flows of paint to the naked female body. Realizing the vulnerability associated with such an
experience, goldyflux first works to deeply understand the subjects of this art form, attempting to
connect with their innermost soul – those parts that need to be freed from the hurt and repression that
is so often hidden. Once she has reached that point of an uncovered connection, she is then able to
apply the appropriate paint colors to the naked bodies of her work and canvas them into a subtle
formation. What remains is a deeply moving and highly personalized representation of the body. One
that can embrace its role as both a powerful woman and a beautiful female spirit in this lifetime.

 How describe her art? 3 words – chaotic, colorful, unique
 Name for body painting? – subtle bodies
 When started artwork? 7 years
 Initial influence – roommate and purchase canvases and paint
 Art types – painting on anything, especially old items; body art – vulnerability, see their
soul, colors based on beautiful – “subtle bodies”
 Body art – the bottom of the soul – the part that needs to be free – repressed – hurt
 Aeon Flux
 Japanese
 Legacy – empowerment of women and feel beautiful about themselves
 If women can embrace their role; better partnerships; empowered men
 Warrior spirit
 Falcon or hawk


Eric Paulucci

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